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Re: Plymouth XNR

From: Andrew Bloch
Remote Name:
Date: December 31, 2002
Time: 10:59:02


Bob, I've been looking for the XNR for about five years now and the farthest i got was to find that the original XNR was sold to a Kuwaiti car salesman and is probably still there. Someone on this site informed me of the Assymetrica which is a copy of the XNR but slightly diffrent and is living somewhere in the pacific northwest. If anyone has any more info on this or any other prototype cars please post. I lost a lot of info that was saved on my computer when it crashed and burned so if the gentleman who gave me the info is out there i'd love to get in touch again. Check out the RM auction in January for the 53'Ghia and the 300 collection.


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