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Re: leaky fuel tank plug fixed !!

From: Herman Parker
Remote Name:
Date: January 01, 2003
Time: 15:43:04


FYI - if you used axle grease, your gasket will fail. Lithium (white) grease is ok though. Standard NBR (nitrile) and neoprene compounds (most rubber products we see in automotive) are only oil resistant. If the rubber was from an innertube, it will have no oil restance at all. It is safe to say that in all cases, a silicone based product is much better to use as a lubricant on rubber since it doesn't have a petroleum base to attack and chemically disolve the rubber. Notice what happens to motor mounts, radiator hoses and front end bushings when a leaky power steering hose or engine oil leak goes unchecked. I wouldn't worry about it even if you did use axle grease. It will hold for a while, I'd just keep an eye on it.


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