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55-56 wagons

From: Paul Mendoza
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Date: January 02, 2003
Time: 09:58:10


Does anyone have info on these years of Chrysler wagons. I found one complete with it's hemi intact and I think a 4bbl. Car is missing a few minor yet probably hard to find outer trim. (a door handle, Ect...) No rust, doesn't run for 2500. There's no doubt about it being worth it, I just can't place the year. Well rounded with little fins. The 55-56 I am guessing at. The vavle covers read Chrysler FirePower So I know it's a 331 or 354. (I Know it's not a 392!) Would make a cool cruiser and want more info before I get in over my head. (I say this as I restore my 68 340 GTS Dart at the same time LOL) Paul


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