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plymouth reproduction door sill moldings information

From: Lee
Remote Name:
Date: January 05, 2003
Time: 12:02:06


the door sill moldings for Plymouth are not available since they are different in thier structure that the others. they would require a completly different set of hard tooling. the only reason that the others were possible is because the basic structure of each sill is the same and only the tread pattern differs. by making the tread section of each of the hard tools male and female dies bolt in and out they are able to use the primary tooling to make all of the sills for Chrysler, Chrysler 300, Desoto and Dodge but not plymouth. as it is this will probably not be a profitable venture but enough sales are expected to pay for the tooling after a few years of sales. but that does nothing for the labor and equipment costs. I will keep everyone informed as to progress of this and other reproduction projects. (lee Exline reproduction parts coordinator for the National Desoto Club)


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