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someone has thier panties in a bunch!

From: Lee
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Date: January 08, 2003
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first off let me start by saying that I a not making a single penny on any of this if anything it is costing me in time and hosting images on my website eats up bandwith that I pay for. I follow reproduction parts projects and assit when I can as part of my job as reproduction parts coordinator for the national Desoto Club and a fellow forward look restorer. the door sills are sold and stocked by Jeff Carter at he sells them for $385.00 plus $15 shipping in the lower 48 states. A lot of people will think that is a lot of money for them and that is fine. they are not required to buy them. and if they want to look into what it costs to make the tooling and buy the equipment to run such a project I am sure they will find out why they are priced at this level. this project will take some years to even break even on the cost of the tooling. now lets discuss the Gas tank project! Mike Justus who used to be at Metalcrafters was who I was discussing the gas tank project with. he is no longer with them and the idea of the project died at that company when he left. they use a process that does not require hard tooling like most press operations that lends itself very well to short run stamping projects like the gas tanks would be. the labor is higher but the tooling costs are significatly lower making a project like this feasable. but they have even put the reproduction quarter panel project on hold at this time so ther is no way they are going to start another project. there was an effort to determine if the gas tank project would be feasible and a dollar value was never established so I could not answer the question of how much. the statement that you made about "You bit my head off in a condesending way, like the rich people do to the ones 'on the other side of the tracks." where the hell did that come from! if you can reference me toward any foul comments I made I would be glad to take a look. and yes I am from the other side of the tracks they are about a half a block away from me in the big metropolis of Grimes Iowa. just because I own a un-restored 57 Adventurer ragtop does not mean I am rich so I do not know where that came from either. as far as how many times people have asked the question how much if I do not have the answer then I can not give it. I now have the answer on the door sills and I am giving it. the same guy that is making the sill plates is working on the tooling for the gas tanks! are they going to be cheap? probably not! are they going to be done properly? i would venture to guess yes. I know that i have looked for many years for a decent gas tank and some nice door sills and they are just not there to be found sure the gas tank can be patched (welding a gas tank sounds like fun) and unless you lie on the ground and look it is not going to be noticed on most cars leaking gas from a restoration that I have worked on for many years is not my idea of a good thing so I will buy a gas tank when they come out also. but the door sills can not be repaired with bondo and hand pounding a set out of aluminum siding would take one hell of a lot of time and talent that I do not have. I will be buying the door sills for my car and I will have to put in some overtime at work to do it but I want my car to be done right not half assed. If you would like me to stop posting on this website about reproduction projects for forward look cars just let me know and I will be glad to save myself the time and effort. if you want cheap readily available reproduction parts I suggest you sell you Mopar and buy a Chevy!


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