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now lets talk gas tanks

From: Lee
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Date: January 08, 2003
Time: 00:24:46


some time back when metalcrafters was coming out with reproduction rear quarter panels I asked the question how many people would be interested in a reproduction gas tank for thier car. this was to determine if ther was enough interest to look at the tooling needed to make the tanks. of couse everyone wanted to know "HOW MUCH" and I did not have an answer to that question as demand would effect how the cost of the tooling could be spread out over the cost of the project. metal crafters uses hydroform pressing equipment that does not require hard tooling a makes projects like this possible or at least much more feasible. but since the guy I was talking to is no longer with the company and they have even put the rear quarter project on the back burner (and the tooling for it is done) the chance of them making a run of gas tanks is none! luckily the same guy that is making the door sill moldings is working on the tooling to make the gas tanks now. and he will be making both sizes not just one as I was proposing. do I know how much? NO! do I know when? NO! will they be cheap? NO! will I probably buy one for my car? Yes!


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