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Let's Play Nicely Children

From: Adam Green
Remote Name:
Date: January 08, 2003
Time: 11:57:40


Well well, aren't we off to a happy new year! Please guys, don't turn this board into a big argument. If I want to see that kind of stuff, I can log onto one of those dodgy Star Trek sites or something. I think we all know that Lee is doing us a big favour by posting his stuff and I'm sure he is a great guy. I know that Alumcan is a great guy too because he offered to send me some of his moonshine. Can I offer a tip? If you want to reply to someone in a sharp manner, write your post and save it as a draft. Then, come back to it in the cold light of day and re-read it. You might change your mind. Hey, can anyone out there invent an UNSEND button? Right, hope that wasn't too condescending. If so, fire away!!!! Adam


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