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Economics (like politics) is sore point for all!

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: January 08, 2003
Time: 12:00:20


Frank...I know both Lee and Alumcan. I have corresponded with both. I know that Lee is NOT trying to talk down to anyone. His role as Parts Coordinator in the NDC brings him into contact with people of all economic levels, and I know he would as much as any of us like for the cost of ANY part to be affordable to the widest range of enthusiasts! As for Alumcan, I know he is a little sensitive for "other" issues with some of what he refers as "highbrow collectors", to whom a checkbook is a restoration rather than the personal involvement in the vehicle (term we have he in Michigan is "poser" for these types). I think I fall into the middle rung between those to whom cost is no object and those who decide beans for a month is worth the part. I REALLY appreciate the guys who can do these restorations on some of the budgets that fate has handed them, as maybe they show the depth of appreciation for the Forwardlook vehicles that those of us with better budgets do NOT appreciate. All that said, I want everyone to know that while prices for certain things seem outrageous, my working to thry and repop sill moldings for 55/56 Chrysler/DeSotos, plus my background in manufacturing and program management have taught me that there is a LOT more to making a part than some individuals appeciate, and that at the end of the day the supplier has to make his costs back in time, material and wages, plus something to make it worthwhile. A $400 gas tank seems like a lot, but anyone who has restored chrome pot metal can tell you that a $1000 bill for plating seems outrageous as well, but that seems like what the market dynamics have set. I wish we all could get what we want when we want it and for a fair price, but let's face it, even Gary Goers has detractors because of his timing, but that timing is what allows him to keep his prices reasonable. And I do not think he makes much per item even then! Now let the hate mail come to me on this subject. I can handle it!


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