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Re: Chevy Engine into a DeSoto? Go ahead, slap me!

From: Herman
Remote Name:
Date: January 08, 2003
Time: 21:45:57


I agree with Deaner. What would be the point of 480 hp in a 56 Desoto? If you want that much horsepower, put in a Mopar 380 horse 360 Magnum and add nitrous. For that matter, a relatively mild 354 hemi with nitrous would do the same thing. Also, since weight reduction has the same exact effect as adding horsepower, sell the Desoto and build a Dart with a 440 or 496. The option is yours, but if you're going to build a car, I'd look at what I really want in the final analysis before I spent too much time or money. BTW - in 1969/1970, I raced a 57 Desoto Fireflite, stock 4 bbl 341 hemi, loaded with every option at Houston International Dragstrip. Under NHRA rules at the time, classes were determined by weight to horsepower ratio - mine was K/SA. This car was unbeatable for 2 years and was a fan favorite - the announcer called it "the big jet". The point is, I had a very streetable 295 hp, 4400 lb car that I drove to work (with the a/c on) and successfully raced on Saturday night with stock, narrow street tires. It's all a matter of want you want. Good luck! ps - average ET 15.8 Building another 57 right now.


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