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engine blocks in a farmyard (wheat from chaff)

From: erik aase
Remote Name:
Date: January 09, 2003
Time: 04:03:56


I need some help on identifying some engines I've found at a ranch.They are scattered willy nilly around the property in various stages of decay and disassembly. I've been crawling around with my 54-63 chilton manual trying to separate the wheat from the chaff(mopar/gm). Most I was able to identify. My chilton manual helped me to narrow down year and make however not displacement on the following. First one is LP3V, my book lists only LP1 and LP2 for 58 plymouth. The next is D61. My book shows D62 and D63 for 1956 dodge again I'm left to wonder about displacements. Both are v8's. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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