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Re: More on the P-31 engine

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: January 09, 2003
Time: 21:25:24


Loren....Never said you had to do it. Just wanted to let you know it COULD be don e, whereas the later, lighter grey iron blocks are a real SOB to fix. Most places try block putty epoxy on them (limited sucess, from what I hear). As for the Spitfire, it IS a 331 if its a 1956. It is also heavier, and parts are not going to interchange. This also includes where the motor mounts on the frame are. You would have to modify that area to get a fit. Stick with the Plymouth (Canadian) poly. Good power, decent weight, looks original, as you point out. Unless someone knows how to decode numbers, know one would know, and besides, the cubic inch increase is worth it over a 277 (which also had an anemic 7.5:1 CR, so those expensive Kanter replacement pistons don't buy you HP.


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