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Re: Its not your fault ALUMCAN -

From: David J
Remote Name:
Date: January 10, 2003
Time: 08:45:17


Something that can save you many headaches, more spam than virus related, but while we're on the subject... If you recieve and mistakenly open any unfamiliar mail, if there is an "unsubscribe address" link on the mail, DO NOT CLICK IT. You've just alerted the spamming scum that your address is active, and it will be sold time and time again until all you recieve is junk mail. Also, do not reply to the email asking to be removed from their list, same consequences. I'm sure most everyone already knows this, but it's worth a mention. OK, enough cornpewter talk for me, on with the Forward Look-mobiles!!! Cheers all, David


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