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Re: alumcan300dhd@????.com VIRUS !!!!!! Restoration Book!?

From: alumcan
Remote Name:
Date: January 10, 2003
Time: 10:28:38


Eric, you big turkey! Why do you hafta' live so far away!!?? I've been looking for those parts you got 'left over' from yer 383, since the mid '80's! Just for that! I'm sending you MY version of a 'virus', ( I think it's worse than a virus) a NUDE picture of MISS TURKEY/IRAQ!!!! From now on, if I ever go back to any more sleep clinics, they are gonna' hafta' pay me more money! What they said in the beginning, that I will sleep for a while, and be awake for a while, sounded real good! When I was awake, I could walk around, read, or watch TV. Fify bucks to sleep, read, and watch TV for two days!? I'm first in line! What they DIDN'T tell me was the ratio of sleep/awake! I had to sleep for ONLY 20 minutes, then be awake for 2 hours, repeating for a total of 30 hours straight! I took my "From A Buick 8" book the kids got me, and read it. Anyway, probe my 'brane sells' for MoPar/Street Rod/Harley restoration tips!!?? Write a book about it!!?? I doubt it! All they would get out of my sleeping 'brane' is porno. I'm not a sexy senior citizen, I'm a ornery old man. ;>D To everyone who 'said it wasn't my fault' thank you! I've been on a massive letter writing campain to every one on my address list, trying to explain that I'm NOT the one sending out virus, if they happen to get one of these OTHER 'alumcan' letters. After me, a while back, getting a virus in this blasted machine by opening up every porno letter that came my way. I NOW ONLY open any letter(s) now that I recognise the address, or the content. Period! As far as an 'automatic delete' devise, sounds good, but since, I'm on the computer 'dumb a%#' side, I'll just stick to manually deleting letters I don't know. It's simpler for me that way. ATTN: PLEASE! If any of you happen to get one of those OTHER 'alumcan' letters,,,,, PLEASE give ME THAT address, so I can write 'nice thank you' letter to him full of four letter words!


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