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Re: More on the P-31 engine

From: Loren
Remote Name:
Date: January 10, 2003
Time: 11:43:01


Mornin' Hank, I haven't even looked at the crack in the 277 block-just took the machinists word. He said it was cracked in the valley. Your welding info is interesting so maybe I'll hang on to it just in case (keep everything right? It is, after all, the all american thing to do...) & I agree on sticking with the Ply poly. Of course when I was originally thinking on the project I had considered the, ahem, Chevy option but passed on it. Just wouldn't be right. Like I mentioned, I'm not an absolute #'s match purist but I do have some appreciation for the look, feel and performance that the factory guys had in mind. I think I'll call Ronnie this morning and have him verify that pistons will be available for the 301, if so, we'll run with it. I'll keep the board up to date and will certainly have more questions as this project progresses. I'm doing the brakes now (I'm an align/brake mech so no prob there) but I haven't started on the dread Powerflite rebuild yet... Thank you again, Loren


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