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Re: Whewww!!!!

From: alumcan
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Date: January 13, 2003
Time: 10:49:24


Hank, what an EXCELLENT idea! Someone in my 'hair color' (or maybe the lack of there of) to be able to 'bench race, bull shit, chew the fat', as you say 'til the cows come home'. I'd like that. Someone who remembers when Chubby Checker's Twist came out, and won contests. Moron jokes, and what the meaning of a three time looser is. (pregnant whore, driving a '58 Edsel, with a 'vote for Dick' bumper sticker) AS to yer suggestion, why not! In all fairness, so both parties don't know who the other one is. I can tell 'war stories' with the best of 'em! What I don't understand, is these 18,19 year olds that are 'into' these FwdLk cars. Not that I don't mind, EVERY organization NEEDS 'young blood' to survive, when the old farts, well, fart away. But, isn't the car of choice for the now generation, those 150ci rice rockets that are putting out 500hp? As one FwdLkr put it, sounds like a jar full of mad bumble bees on steroids! Good idea Hank!


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