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Rumours of the Quarter Panel Demise....

From: Joe Mac
Remote Name:
Date: January 13, 2003
Time: 13:22:56


...are somewhat exagerated. Yes, Metalcrafters has sold out of the initial run, but I am told by Brian Weldon (who has taken over this project) that another run will be produced when demand is present. Thay want to make at least 15 sets in a run. These are hydroformed with a bladder and have been checked out by the Chrysler 300 Club ( who spearheaded the project) to be correct. The panel extends from the door opening with the short leg over the rocker panel to approx 12" from the rear. This is due to the various rear end designs. I am also told that these will work for Dodges as well as Chryslers and DeSotos (sorry, the Plymouths are different). Preferred pricing is available to Chrysler 300 Club members. What's that mean? $300 a set plus shipping. That sounds pretty good to me (Professor Alumcan's thesis on the socio-economic factors affecting Forward Look restoration in a global marketplace notwithstanding - whew). So if this sounds good to you too, call Brian at 714-444-2000 ext. 316 (Pacific time) and tell him you want a set, and get them tooled up!


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