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All V8 crankshaft flanges were changed in 1962

From: Daven Anderson
Remote Name:
Date: January 13, 2003
Time: 19:25:46


The pre-'62 A and B V8 crankshaft flanges are eight-bolt unthreaded ('62-up are six-bolt threaded, except eight-bolt threaded for the 426 Hemi), but more importantly the pre-'62 flange protrudes 5/8" farther out of the block than '62-up flanges. This means that if you attempt to fit a '62-up transmission bellhousing to an engine with a pre-'62 crankshaft, the bellhousing will be kept 5/8" away from the engine and will not bolt up! In that vein, if a pre-'62 trans. bellhousing was bolted to an engine with a '62-up crankshaft flange, the bellhousing's extra 5/8" length will keep the flange from reaching the transmission innards! The slant six flange matches the '62-up V8 flanges. You CAN change crankshafts in the V8's to match the trans. being used. For instance, a pre-'62 383 crank could be put in a '62-'71 383 block for use with a pre-'62 transmission, or you can put a '62-'91 318 crank in a '57-61 318 block to use '62-up transmissions.


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