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Re: peter gunn's Fury serial # shame

From: alumcan
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Date: January 15, 2003
Time: 10:57:35


Sid, yeah, I know,,,,,,. When I heard that on the news I was 'sorta heart broken. All that work and money 'down the tubes' now. I must have send out letters by the hundreds back then. I remember writing to the Screen Actors Guild several times, Stephen King, Don Knotts, Angla Langsbury, I don't know exactly how many actors/actresses, every gossip coloumnist, every "What ever happened to" ,,,,, show. I wish I had the money now that I wasted on the Post Office back then. When the plant changed over to unlimited long distance service back in the early '80's, between parts scarching, I made two or three calls to every Craig Stephens/Gail Sickles listed in the southern Calif, Arizona, Nevada phone book every night during my dinner break for close to 14 years. I got the phone idea from a old Dick Van Dyke interview. He said that he went for an acting interview, and the only piece of reading material in the waiting room was a phone book. Here he found a listing for a Stanley Laural (Not sure of the spelling) Later he caled and it was the real Laural of the Laural and Hardy gorup! Well the rest if history as they say, because in Laural's remaining years, Van Dyke befrieded and studied under Stan laural. Craing Stephens' last acting job, I think was in one of Angla Langsbury's "Murder She Wrote" episodes. I found out where Craig Stephens was orginally form. I can't remember exactly right now, somewhere out in the northeren mid west. His real name was Gail Sickles. Pronounced 'cycles' Many in his home town, know him, the local boy who made it big in Hollywood, but no one knew actually where it was that he was now living. So I guess with me being 'low rung on the ladder' I didn't have what it takes to get ahold of a cleb. All I wanted him for was whatever he wanted talk about and that '58 Fury. Oh well, as they say, "feces happens"


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