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Re: 2x4 intake for 1957 Dodge 350cid

From: Jim Helm
Remote Name:
Date: January 16, 2003
Time: 22:27:40


The 350 engine came out in 1958 and was optional in Plymouth Furys, Dodges (standard in Custom Royal), and Desoto Firesweeps. It was the first of the "B" series engines which later became the 361, 383, etc. Any "B" series engine 2 X 4 intake will fit, but each model of car had specific carburetors. My '58 Fury has the 350 with factory 2 X 4's, and I think that was the only authentic factory multi-carb set-up for the 350 in '58. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. Jim


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