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Re: 2x4 intake for 1957 Dodge 350cid

From: Digger Dave
Remote Name:
Date: January 17, 2003
Time: 14:09:35


Richard- Jim is right as far as I know. However, be careful which manifold you are looking for. The 350, 361 383 & 400 are B Blocks and any manifold from one of these engines will fit. The manifold from a 413, 426, 440 (or some 1959 383s) will not, as they are an RB Block, with the decks raised 3/4". Head to manifold geometry is changed and they will be too tight. You only need be concerned with this if you are looking for any manifold to fit the B Block. If you are looking for a correct year (1958) only one from a 350 or 361 will work.


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