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Dodge 1955 sierra - engine question

From: Anders
Remote Name:
Date: January 19, 2003
Time: 16:36:49


I bought a 55 Dodge sierra (station wagon) this other day. The only problem whit the car is that the crank is broken (2 pices). Not a straight cut so it still runs, but it is noicy as hell! I got 3 questions. 1. I think it is a 270 poly but I am not 100% sure. How could I tell what engine I have? I serch all over the web, but I dont find any easy way to tell. 2. Is the crank interchangeable whit the hemi engine? 3. Are the Plymouth and Dodge 270 the same? Thanks for any information. BTW Its not easy to find those engines over here -in Sweden, so if someone give me the advice to take a hemi or another engine the fits the car, it wont help me wery much... What about a good welder!!!


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