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Re: How in the... Don't ask me,,,,

From: alumcan
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Date: January 20, 2003
Time: 22:13:25


Nathan, don't ask me how it was done. As I said to Norm P. Either I was going to get my wife to 'post' the Hearse/Elvis Furys pictures, if she didn't have the time, (which she didn't) I was sending everything up to "Fearless Leader" and let him post it. When I got my wife to post the FwdLk Hearses/Imperial Ambulances a year or so ago, those were ALL of the FwdLk Hearse/Amb pictures I had. 'Elvis' sent me the pictures of the 'jacked up' '61 Hearse/his Furys, three weeks or so ago. When I got into Norm P's web site and saw his '62 Chry wagon. I HAD to show him/you/others, the picture of the '61. How it was done, ask Dave Stragand.


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