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Re: Intersting hearse & posting photos Waaaayyyy over my head

From: alumcan
Remote Name:
Date: January 22, 2003
Time: 05:05:02


Dave you "Einstine"/"Fearless Leader" and maybe Hank DoZier can talk this computer language, but it's denfinately waaayyyyy over my head. I'm too friggin' old to try and learn. My brane sells cen only absorb so much, and this 'puter stuff that looks like Chinese military secerets is one of them. However, I DID print off your instructions and filed it in a folder for my wife to look at. Thanks! If/when "Fearless Leader" gets enough money, (donated/out of his pocket/where ever) for this web site to be changed over, like the 'Scat Pack', posting pictures for all to see, will be like following the procedure like the Air Force missle instruction joke I forwarded to those on my list. I have NO idea how that narrater could hold a straight face while reading that feces!


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