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From: Dave Lisiecki
Remote Name:
Date: January 22, 2003
Time: 12:50:17


Reminds me about the IBM instructions someone gave me long ago about how to replace mice balls. I emailed Mr. Swartley and he was kind enough to email me some other photos he thought I might like. He knows I must have heard about it from you, alum! By the way, I mentioned the '61 wagons used '60 taillights, and although this was carried over on the wagons, the wagon taillights are still not the same as non-wagon. The wagon lenses screw in from the outside. Fortunately someone told me this and I didn't learn the hard way by buying the wrong ones. Posting pictures must be easy if even I can do it, but it's hard to explain - for those interested, ebay has good tutorials on making fancy-pants photos, text, and colors, under it's "tiops for sellers," and this website: has really great tutorials as well, although who among us has enough time to study this AND work on our cars? Thanks for the subliminal reminder to donate some $$$ to the site. I've got to do that - I've saved a bunch of money and time from all of you out there, although you'd never know it looking at my car. If/when we're able to move to a new site format, I hope we can post pictures, preview and edit our posts, as well as retain the important search function, althoguh I'd hate to lose the data already stored here..


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