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Dodge 1955 sierra - engine question - How to Identify/Substitutes

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: January 22, 2003
Time: 13:24:14


Anders.... The quickest to identify which block engine you have is via the oil filter mounting. If it is mounted to an aluminum adaptor that fits on a rectangular verticle pad on the right rear of the engine block, it is a Dodge block engine. If the filter fits on the right SIDE of the block and screws onto the block itself at about a 45 degree angle lower than horizontal (definitely NOT tilted up), it is a PLYMOUTH poly block and would be a 277 CID engine. As another check for sensibility, the Dodge block had an open manifold and a tappet valley cover. The Plymouth block has a "closed" intake, using the manifold itself as the tappet valley cover. Now, as to replacement cranks. You can use any 240, 259 (260) or 270 - POLY or HEMI crank to fit to your engine. They all have the same stroke and journal diameters. If it is a 277 POLY, then you can use the 277, the 301, and 303 CID engines for a crank.


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