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Links a bit different than photos integrated into the webpage!

From: Daven Anderson
Remote Name:
Date: January 22, 2003
Time: 21:46:38


Dave Stragand is the one who made the photos load into that Alumcan post page (on Alum's behalf). Dave is the Webmaster, after all, that would be his choice. Dave sure wouldn't want the basic HTML code to link to EXTERNAL photos, the only photos the basic HTML code should link to are those on the FL server. External photos, well that's what posting links is for! And something tells me that Alumcan isn't signing up for HTML Basics class! Hey, Dave Lisecki, try Mozilla and its Composer, you can edit local HTML pages in a WYSIWYG format. Just click to place a cursor on a text line and you can edit the text in that font/color/size immediately (and see how it looks in the page immediately!) Oh, and cut and paste images with a cursor too!


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