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Re: NOS system

From: ForwardLook Frank
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Date: January 24, 2003
Time: 08:39:45


Hello, the 350 is tough enough but you want to make absolutely sure you have enough fuel to back up the NOS. An independant fuel system for the NOS is a must. The main reasons engines explode with NOS is due to the fact they weren't giving enough fuel to quench the high temperature fire NOS produces. Also, you definitely need to change the sparks plugs to a type with short electrodes. You should also consider electinic ignition with an ignition retard control when the NOS is engaged. If you've never installed a NOS system, you may want to buy SA Designs Installing NOS systems book. There's alot of math and considerations to building a relaible NOS system that won't hand grenade your motor. A common mis conception is that NOS destroys and kills motors. The myth came from folks who did not properly build the system and blew up their motor. Hope this helps. Take Care -Frank


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