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AFB rejet/rebuild/replace update

From: Bob O.
Email: punch@proaxis
Remote Name:
Date: January 24, 2003
Time: 11:46:49


Some new Carter AFB's (Competition series) are still to be found, but they're apparently just "remaining stock" now, and crappily built/assembled in any case (I recently bought one). As Casey and Norm P. said below, Edelbrock is IT now, with their Carter AFB-clone Performer series (hopefully better built than my Carter Competition, but both have the Weber name on them as actual manufacturer). Edelbrock do make a full set of jets and stepup rods which seem to fit the old Carter AFB's (like my 1961 model 3131S), and they're relatively inexpensive (go to the website to see prices, to the web site to see a full list; also there's a good downloadable tuning manual there better than the Carter one and apparently interchangeable into the AFB. The one place where the people apparently feel they can squeeze your b*** until you cry is at they have NOS strip kits for AFB and WCFB at (get this) $400.00 a pop! We're talking the same range of jets, rods and springs apparently as Edelbrock sell for typically $50. and Carter used to sell for $100. (some NOS AFB kits still exist for that price, but are disappearing, it seems). The Carburetor Shop will also not sell you individual jets or ANYTHING without a full repair kit, and since they don't list prices for these, I shudder to imagine what they'll cost. [If I'm being unfair to anyone please tell me. I do everything I can to support small independent business people, but there comes a point at which profiting becomes profiteering.] NAPA seem to have repair kits available for just about any Carter carb for $30. or less. So all is not lost for the Old AFB owner, just yet. But buy a couple of repair kits from NAPA and put them on the shelf, and stock up on an Edelbrock strip kit while they're available and cheap. Seems like it's money in the bank! Finally, if you are rebuilding your old carb, and need to find the basic adjustments, the old "Motor's Auto Repair Manual" series seem to be pretty comprehensive (the 24th edition has all the Forward Look era cars in it). Also the NAPA kits seem to list comprehensive applications (including for my obscure Canadian 313 engine). Have fun.


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