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Now you people have me worried about advance curves, whatever they might be!

From: Bob O.
Remote Name:
Date: January 27, 2003
Time: 13:09:17


Just when I think I'm on top of the situation, someone brings up another problem for me to worry about! This time it's advance curves that are appropriate to my poly engine. Until a couple of days ago I didn't even know that such a problem might exist. So, if I go out and buy myself a MSD electronic ignition kit, which includes its own distributor, am I going to have to mess around with advance curves on that too? I thought that what I would be paying for was a computer-based device a lot smarter than me (not saying much) that would make all the correct decisions about timing the spark and leave me to cruise in comfort with one eye on the gas gauge. Am I wrong AGAIN?! This could become annoying.


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