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1956 D500-1 "Special" parts

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: February 01, 2003
Time: 19:05:21


The 1956 Dodge D500-1 had several unique parts on it compared to the other Dodges (including the D500) that were specifically designed to make it the short-track killer it was. Those exhaust manifolds are one. Very little is known of them, except that there is one complete and unrestored d500-1 that Tim DuPont has that does include these manifolds. According to article in Mopar Muscle magazine, these parts carry a part number that is not stock Dodge, marine, industrial, or even DeSoto (which is a close fit, but bolt spacing slightly splayed to Dodge). Tim could best tell you what the are and what the difference es are. I KNOW that power steering will not clear these manifolds. As for the intake, it is a special Kekaefer ALUMINUM casting, as Dodge did not have the time to debug their version. The air cleaner is a special paper element Purolater unit for the twin WCFB carbs. It is NOT a "batwing" style. Again, Tim is you best source for information. Also, the transmission gears were altered on these vehicles, and the brakes came from an Imperial. The car was nothing short of awesome for performance in 1956.


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