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Sure fire cure

From: Bob O......
Remote Name:
Date: February 01, 2003
Time: 22:01:05


Erik...... visit some local big-3 dealerships and come home with a stack of brochures about new vehicles with prices prominently inked in: "$35,765.84" and "$44,220.65" etc. etc. Make sure she comes home and finds them strewn around your normal chair, but you need to be out to let her cogitate for a while. When you come back later you'll find that her attitude towards the old vehicles has changed. Suddenly you'll find that those are "accepted possessions" and much preferable to what you seem to be planning. But don't buy any other vehicles in future without telling her..... just use a conservative interpretation and rounding DOWN of what you pay for things Needless to say I do none of this kind of thing myself.


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