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Re: 1956 D500-1 "Special" parts

From: lee
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Date: February 02, 2003
Time: 15:31:49


like hanks says they made one hell of a stock car the wheels were 15 X 6 1/2 with 5 1/2 bolt circle. the standard D500 package added lowered (1 1/2") rear springs, different front springs, heavier shock, 12 inch brakes and heavier steering componants, a sway bar choice of gear ratios for the 8 1/4" rear end or a 8 3/4" rear end with many gear ratios running from 3.07 through 5.83. I got lucky and found dealer binders loaded with confidential price bulletins and other dealer only paperwork for 55-56 dodge and plymouth. (yes i have the ealy 56 fury information also and no it is not for sale but I will make copies)


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