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Re: who sold Desoto's in your town?? I got one.

From: alumcan
Remote Name:
Date: February 02, 2003
Time: 22:54:02


Lee Roadkill, I got a dealer name you probably don't have. Only I'll have to get it tomorrow. I have two 'mint', still new, (virgin ?, never scribbled in, nor is their any greasy finger prints anywhere) '56 service manuals. One, I promised to give to "Honkin' Hank" for some information, the other one I'm going to sell on E-bay with all my stuff, when ever I get this parts car I've been looking for. Anyway. The dealer's name and address is stamped on either the front or back cover. I'll take a picture and get "Fearless Leader" to post it for me. The building this DeS dealer was in, is looooong gone. In fact I don't even remember it.


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