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Re: 392 Hemi Help!!!

From: alumcan
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Date: February 02, 2003
Time: 23:19:39


Uh, Bradley, I took it though our corrospondence, and your FwdLk postings, you were an expert on this Hemi feces. Anyway. The OM cam has two little oil hole passages, on the two, what ever you want to call them, journals that go up through each rocker tube tower. They are positioned that you can take the complete 'rack' and change left to right. As the cam turns, (another soap opery) past the respective oil passage up to the rocker tube, a shot of oil is fed to the rocker tube, just enough to keep things from galding up. On high milage or 'once a year oil change' motors, the rocker tubes are sometimes packed soild with sludge. It is VERY important to make sure you have ALL FOUR tubes full of oil before start up, or you'll gald a rocker down the road a ways. You got one set full of oil, keep priming and turn your crankshaft SLOWLY 90 degrees, or 180. (?) I can't remember, just keep track and stop when the other tubes fill up. Then back up to where you started turning. The practice now, on early hemi cams, is to turn a VERY SMALL groove where in the journal where each oil hole is. The reason for a VERY SMALL groove, you don't want to send too much oil 'up stairs' on an early Hemi. The oil return holes in the block and heads are around a 1/4 inch. You'll pump the bottom end dry. Tex Ritters',feces!, SMITH'S, first book, tells of the potential rocker shaft oil problem and how to fix it. You sure you don't allready know this?


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