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Re: Wife found out! Anyone selling a doghouse?

From: Billy-Jack Ebare
Remote Name:
Date: February 03, 2003
Time: 17:45:07


I'll tell you what I would do... I would get a friend to take her for a ride in an old car(if none of yours are road worthy at this time). Although a forward look car would be the best, any old car would do for the purpose of showing her the enjoyment of this fine hobby. After that she should be hooked. I know my wife was. When I met my wife, my 58 Plymouth was in winter storage. She was less than enthusiastic about going for a ride in it. However, once spring rolled around, and I brought the old car out of storage she wanted to go for a ride. After that day she was an addict. Tell her "you can't knock something unless you've tried it". Good luck!


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