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Re: Still looking for help on locating hidden VIN numbers for...

From: Kevin Church
Remote Name:
Date: February 03, 2003
Time: 21:59:07


I certainly wish I knew. Thanks for looking. I did some more searching too. All I turned up was some misc. numbers. The only numbers that I found stamped in the frame were an upside-down 2X on the outer driver's side frame and a rightside-up X2 on the outer passenger's side frame. Underneath a lifetime of dirt and clay, I found two sets of painted on numbers. Both were on the driver's side outer frame in front of the rear tire. One number was 12-7-55A. Which I might assume to be a date of some kind, possibly a build date? The other number was located above that and was not very legible. It appeared to be the letter "B" and "-" followed by seven numbers. However, none of this helps me to find the location of a VIN number on this car.


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