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1960 8 3/4 open to sure grip question

From: sid
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Date: February 04, 2003
Time: 00:07:23


does the mopar performance aluminum sure grip carrier housing P4876445 with M.P. sure grip assy P4876118 bolt to a 1957-61 open axle housing? (according to M.P. the carrier housing fits all 8 3/4 1957-73 axles and the sure grip assy was designed to replace 57-68 sure grips! and if so, does the splined end of the 57-61 axle shafts fit the MP sure grip? with other words, did the splined section of axle shaft ever change in 8 3/4 history? would like to keep my original axle with tapered shafts. any help greatly appreciated! thanks.


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