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Hemi rebuild help...

From: Dana
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Date: February 04, 2003
Time: 09:59:00


Howdy gang! You've probably answered this question a million times, but since I'm only an occasional visitor here, I hope you'll humor me and help me with a little 241 Hemi I'm interested in. The internet is a wonderful source, but rather than me weeding through a zillion hits on some search engine, can someone supply me with a few sites that support rebuild kit's or parts for the old hemis?? I know this isn't a real popular one, not a big beefy monster, so what kind of parts can I expect to find? All the gaskets and seals and bearing, in a kit, or will these all be seperate purchases? I've always rebuilt small block chevy's (sorry, I said the 'C' word) but with their popularity, general 'dime-a-dozen' cost and availablity, a 'kit' will usually have everything to inclued a new high-volume oil pump in one handy kit for under $150.00. I doubt I'll have that kind of luck with a rare (obsolete?) baby hemi, but I'm also sure there's shops/web-sites out there. Thanks gang, I appreciate any help! Dana


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