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Did anyone notice?

From: Billy-Jack Ebare
Remote Name:
Date: February 04, 2003
Time: 15:49:50


Did anyone out there notice that in the "For Sale" section of this site, there is a fellow advertising aftermarket oval air cleaners for(1957-59)Chryco cars, and aftermarket round air cleaners for(1960-64)Chyco cars. I emailed this fellow last night, (Mike is his name), and he emailed me some pics back of the 57-59 oval units. They look real nice from the pics he sent me. They are made out of fiber glass, with an aluminum base plate. They appear to look exactly like the original units. They even come with the proper air filters. They are finished in a black gel coat/primer. So finishing them in whatever colour that your heart desires will not be a problem. The asking price is $249.99 a pair. That's not bad if you've ever tried to price a set of the rare original peices! What my thoughts are is finally! Finally someone had the guts to make these air cleaners. Now all of those forward lookers who have looked for a life time and couldn't find a set of these air cleaners (that were affordable) can finally finish off their resto's. And all those people out there who could only dream of owning a set of these rare peices can finally have their dream. Good Job Mike.......Now all we need is someone to start re-producing factory quality fenders for our forward look cars, then we'll be all set. Oh we can dream, Can't we?


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