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Re: Whipped but not beaten!

From: erik aase
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Date: February 04, 2003
Time: 22:27:58


kenny, Of course us western canuck men aren't whipped we just pretend to be until the stormclouds disappear. Its our canadian nature to appear meek.You can't judge a book by its cover however. I'm in university now so I sometimes get comments from working folk "that you academics don't know what hard work really is".They're always a little surprised when I show them my Journeyman's ticket for commercial roofing.You know hot asphalt,fire flame,dirty.I was in the trade for 15 years. I firmly disbelieve in stereotypes of any kind because you'll always end up putting your foot in your mouth. And since I have a size 13 foot I don't even want to go there.


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