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1960-61 Mopar parts books confirm V8 open-diff cars (exc. Imperial) are 1 3/8" pinion shaft

From: Daven Anderson
Remote Name:
Date: February 06, 2003
Time: 15:19:56


The parts books are pretty clear about this. I'm posting this for reference, I already e-mailed Sid. For 1960 and 1961: Six-cylinder open-diff cars (except Valiant) have the 1954-style 8" rear axle. Valiants have the 7" axle. Eight-cylinder open-diff cars (except Imperial) have the 8" rear axle with the 1 3/8" pinion shaft ('741' type). Imperials, and all 6 and 8 cylinder cars with Sure-Grip rear axles (not available on Valiant) have the 8" rear axle with the 1 3/4" pinion shaft ('742' type). Most interesting pieces noted in the parts book. The 4:56 'export' open diff. is a '741' type. (mostly fit on 6 cyl. cars, I think; as specifying an axle ratio numerically higher than 3:90 to 1 for a 6 cyl. fullsize car [4.10 or 4.56] would also upgrade you to the 8" axle, but without Sure-Grip this would be the '741' rear axle.) Better yet is the 3:73 ratio gearset, cataloged as being for 6-cyl. fullsize cars with the Sure-Grip 8" axle with 1 3/4" pinion shaft. Randy's Ring and Pinion has recently reissued this desirable gear ratio, and this was the last OEM application I can find for the 8" rear axle!


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