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1956 Dodge D-500-1

From: Phil D. Ehrlich
Email: (316) 250-6026
Remote Name:
Date: February 10, 2003


The story about this option being only a dealer-installed package was from someone who probably saw only one such car come thru, and likely assumed there were no other methods. The news from Hank, Lee and Tim makes it clear that many other mods were in play: manifolds, springs, rear axles, etc. More than most dealers would want to take on. The fact that later years had the larger exh. manifolds with the 2" dumps is exactly the news that I'm looking for (57-59?). IF they will clear my power steering column, please point me toward some! I'll be looking around Kansas as well. On another note, I am keen to see if I can locate a fifties-vintage supecharger and play around with trying to blow this Dual Ghia that has the "dash-one". We have built this engine rather stout, and I have no doubt that it can stand the pressure. Thank you all for giving me more clear and factual information than I have found otherwise in eight years.


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