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Re: Aircondtioner Oil Lines

From: clyde
Email: Dykesci@
Remote Name:
Date: February 10, 2003


Thanks for answering alumican. Yes I do have some places that can make that type of hose, but can't make any the size that I need. I need size 03 hose with 1/8 pipe one end and 3/8x24 male flare fitting on the other end. I have found a few places on the net that had them listed. but they were large corp. that didn't sell to the public. Dana which owns Weatherhead has most of the stuff,or at least has it listed. Also Gates has some of it. If I can't find the rite stuff I may have to use stainless braided and adapt it. Any one Know of a sorce for hose or parts to make hose assy. Thanks! any ideas would be appriciated. Clyde


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