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Re: 1956 Dodge D-500-1

From: Lee
Remote Name:
Date: February 10, 2003


I have some early 56 Plymouth fury documentation that shows two small chrome air cleaners with paper filter elements like they used on Corvette's and it says Air cleaners (plural) so I would say that you do indeed need one unit but it might be something really odd not bat wing. but I also have a copy of a Plymouth Mechandiser magazine that shows the Plymouth V-800 engine of 57 and it has 57 adventurer air cleaners on it! where they just handy for the photo? or did some of them come out with Adventurer cleaners instead of Chrysler 300 style. I am sure they did not think that 45 years later we would give a hoot. but for the 56 D-500-1 it repeats itself in a cople of places "air cleaner"


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