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'59 dodge air conditioning questions.

From: Lou
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Date: February 10, 2003


Hi, I am thinking of addiing air conditioning to my '59 Coronet. I'd prefer to retrofit original A/C components, but I am sure that will be very hard to find. anyone know the production figures for '59 Dodges equipped with a/c? I have not found that info in any reference material. If they only made 14 cars with factory A/C in '59, then I won't bother scouting yards and ads for parts. :-) I presume 57-60ish parts will be similar, with the exception of the controls. anyone know for sure what parts are interchangable? Also...were the compressors and mounting different between the V8 engines? Mine has the 383 D-500 My friend suggested using an aftermarket under-dash unit from the same era instead of late model Vintage Air or something since it would look more authentic and possibly easier to find. Still, factory A/S would be so much nicer. If anyone has any suggestions or info (or parts!), please let me know. Regards, Lou


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