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Re: 392 Hemi Starter?

From: clyde
Remote Name:
Date: February 11, 2003


Brad I ran a 6 volt starter on a 392 hemi For years. It was from a 55 Desoto. The problem is the starter pinion is different on a 6 volt and will not mesh with the flywheel gear on a 12 system. I had a engine adapter for a ford transmission,and had a 55 plymouth flywheel. I have thought of putting a 6 volt on my 354 windsor,but I would have to shange the ring gear on my torque converter. I have also thought about the light weight starter that you see advertized. Ithink they are only for engine that have ben converted to a differt transmisson. Thet are a gear reduction starter replacement, I think. Does anyone know different. I know that the starter could definely use some help. What about it anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have a good solution? Thanks! Clyde


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