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Haunted 58 Plymouth

From: Carl
Remote Name:
Date: February 11, 2003


Hey guys, i was wondering if any of u out there know of or have heard of a haunted, spooky car? The reason i ask is because there is a 58 plymouth here (UK) that is real spooky and everyone who knows of that car believes it is the second owner who bought her back from a scrap yard and died a few years ago. I'll tell u the whole story about this car. In 1961 a man named Arnie Vettiger (nickname: Barney) was working in a gas station and saw a 57 plymouth roll in and immediatley promised himself he would get a car just like it as soon as he could. Time passed and Barney got married. In 1978, Barney found himself a 1958 Plymouth Savoy 2 dr coupe. Over six years, Barney changed the Plymouth in to a white and gold convertible Fury. A short while after finishing the car, he picked up the book 'Christine' in Heathrow airport. He was amazed to see that the main character in the book was named Arnie (Barney's real name). Arnie bought the car in 1978, so did Barney and they both loved the 58 Plymouth. A few weeks after reading the book Barney saw an ad that RCA Columbia had put out asking for a 58 to help promote the film 'Christine'. Barney replied to the ad and his car got the role. Barney had 2 WEEKS to transform his car into a red and white hardtop! He got it finished with an hour to spare! His car became the UK Promotional Christine. Barney died years later and one of his friends named Steve bought the car from Barneys wife. Years after that, Steve had to sell her and a couple named Donna and Dave bought the car from him. Donna and Dave still have the car today and they told me that Christine once recharged her battery by herself, drove 6 miles with an empty petrol tank, a bee flew in through the window while they were cruisin once and dropped dead on the dash and while i went to visit them the radio came on by itself, blaring static! i also have a photo of the car that shows a face in the bonnet. If anyone would like to see the pic, i'll gladly email it to u. Well thats the story. Do YOU know of any spooky cars? Later, Carl.


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