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Re: 392 valve train noise

From: Mike Austin
Remote Name:
Date: February 14, 2003


I Built the motor from ground up I had the Cam reground to an RV profile and installed New Hyd Lifters and matched springs. I used adjustable rockers from another engine and had Comp Cams custom cut the Larg Harden push rods for Me. I timed and adjusted the entire Valve train with a Cam Degree Wheel/kit and still found the Valve train excessivlly noisey. This was the first Hemi I built but it still sounded like a dead lifter. I took everything back off the top end this week and the Hyd Lifters are pumped up and seem to be operating normally, I even tried adjusting the rockers while it ran. The 392 runs great no backfires strong I even took it out and ran it on the Highway 70mph at 2800 rpm for about 30 miles to a Rod Run in Temecula. What do you think?


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