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Re: Radial or Diagonal?

From: Kenny J.
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Date: February 15, 2003


I bought five new Coker Classic radials for one of my '59 Plymouths two years ago and am happy I did. The car rides and handles much better. I drive the car two to five times per week. These tires have made a world of difference over the bias ply tires they replaced. The '57-'58 shop manual calls for 750 X 14 bias ply tires as "standard duty" and 8.00 X 14 for "special service." I am guessing the latter would be police, taxi, nine passenger wagons, convertibles and high performance models. Depending upon your drivetrain, find the radial equivelent of whichever size is appropriate for your car. I'm not sure what the movie "Christines" used for tires, but the two and a quarter or two and a half inch whitewall appear more correct than the three inch wide whites. Hope this helps.


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