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1959 Plymouth Suburban

From: Jonnie
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Date: February 17, 2003


Need Info/help: My wagon has manual tranny/OD set-up, but just doesn't work well with my 361. (The car was originally a 6. The previous own- er changed it over, but didn't make suspension or radiator changes.) I'd like to install a fresh 727 auto. (Either pushbuttons or on the floor for the shifter.) And, also, a dual master cylinder. It doesn't have power brakes now, and cash flow will only support re-doing the existing system right now but I'd like to change over to a dual...yes, I know the lines will have to be re-plumbed. Any ideas or help would be sincerely appreciated. P.S. Will the Wagner #F71258 work Hank ?? Many thanks in advance. Jonnie


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